Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enjoying the sounds of life

this morning.. Dark.. before the sky started lightening for dawn, I heard an elk bugling :) in the depth of the night, the sudden change in sound was wonderful.. there were no other noises, no wind, no sound of distant traffic.. just the lilting sound of the elks cry rising and falling off.. was repeated a couple times then silence again. I am looking forward to hearing more of then, it suited the feel of the night so well.

todays windy so far, only 10am, but have a feeling it will stay this way. Past couple days there has been a high wind and the clouds have just be racing by overhead.. feels like it's coming to earth now. in a day or so I'll break camp here and move to the west a bit for a family gathering. After that will probably head into Payson to see if I can find a charge controller without going to Flagstaff, then back to this area for the Trail Maintenance event at Fort Apache at the end of the month.

it's a good day :)

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