Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The silence of the desert

and no, thats not a take off on the silence of the lambs -Grin-

Just got back from a walk to the lake, wasnt sure how close my campsite was to the water, turns out if I follow the road I parked next to, it's 1.13 miles to my feet in the water! and I think I can live with that.. walk down every morning, maybe if I'm feeling energetic, carry some back, but mostly just try to relax and let my hair down.. so to speak -Grin-

this afternoon it has been really windy, the sun just sank behind 4 peaks(local mountain) and the wind seems to be fading as well. Nice 3/4 moon up in the sky and the only sound I hear is the lingering wind.. no motors, no boats on the lake, no aircraft flying overhead.. think it's gonna be a good night :)

Didnt take the camera down to the lake this time, but will fix that and try to get a couple photos that I like to share with ya :)

Be well my friends!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a view :)

IMG_0734 Stitch this is what I see when I climb the rock behind my camp.. went up today midday, probably mid 90’s in temp, but worth it.  I just love the openness of the desert, cant wait for it to drop another 20 degrees so I can head farther south!!

Is a panoramic shot looking to the east rotating northwest :) covering about 180 degrees.. might go to the top of the peak that is further to the left side of the pic tomorrow.  depends on my energy level!  running lower on water, so not exerting myself to much till I refill :)

A gentleman from a local ranch came by yesterday with a friend and gave me directions to his ranch, said to pull in anytime to refill my water.  Nice guy :)

currently 94 in the truck, the outside sensor is in the direct sun so I cant trust it, was reading 128 earlier, I’ve got it covered with a rag now and it’s down to 114, but thats still too high.  I’m guessin high 90’s today, bearable :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Meeting by Chance

Happy Friday folks :)

parked off of US 60, between Seneca And Globe Az, just thought I’d share a contact.  Was walking Tori in the morning, and while walking past an old Corral that wasn't being used I hear a voice.. turned around and see a dog headed my way, raise my eyes a bit and the owner was coming as well :) 

Turns out I was fortunate enough to meet a gentlemen that has been out living on wheels for many years in Arizona.  He and Amber (his furry companion) joined Tori and I on our morning walk, and we spent the next hour, hour and a half walking and talking about things in our lives.  He was kind enough to share a few areas he had wintered in within the state, ideas for foraging and bragged about his acorn flour that he uses for his pan bread –Grin-  Was a great morning.  showed each other our rigs, he’s got himself and old dodge pickup and camper shell that is laid out really well for he and his pup.  runs minimal solar and seems content overall, now and then will pick up work for a while, but lives and thrives out in the boonies.

Shared the information on the vandweller group on yahoo, and the info on Twodogs that has been vandwelling for 23 years near the Bradshaw mountains not too far from here.  we exchanged emails and though he doesnt check his often, I have a feeling we will keep in touch.

Later in the afternoon, he brought me up a CD of his music, now and then he has toured clubs to make some spending cash, haven't listened to it yet, but am honored that he would share it with me.

So, in case you check here, Hi Howard!!!  Hope you and Amber are doing well today!  will watch for you along the shores of Roosevelt this winter and in the future!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is it destiny?

last time I came up to this area, discovered I had picked up a rodent…  I thought it had got in at my last stopping location.. I have decided as of tonight that I was mistaken.. I’ve been here a total of 14 hours and I again have a mouse in the truck.. this one isnt as stealthy as the last, I was able to see him pretty quickly.  Live trap is down, will break out the kill traps in the morning if he doesnt go to the live one.. I really would rather not kill him, but cant have him eating up my supplies at random.

I’m telling ya, they wasted no time coming to dinner!! although hopefully the ‘they’ is an exageration.. have only heard 1 moving around and crossing my fingers that it’s only 1 that has moved in!! 

Weather update.. 330 in the am, 34 degrees out, probably will break the freezing point :)  53 in the truck when I decided it was time to get up since I wasnt sleeping anyway..

Hope your smiling today!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My first Freeze warning!!

and here I was worried about low temps –Grin-  yet today i find myself changing camp and going higher than I was..  wonder just how low it will get tonight…  but I’m no longer particularly concerned about it.  Have a few days up here, then to Fort Apache for the Trail event.  then I’m thinking about heading over to the Young to Globe highway, should be more moderate temperatures there and more pleasant nights..  will let ya know!!  I’m sure I wont freeze tonight but i’m looking forward to seeing how warm the truck stays.


flagstaff, AZ
10:26 am MST, Tue., Sep. 22, 2009







No Additional Weather Alerts for McNary, AZ

[State alerts for AZ]


Friday, September 18, 2009

pic of the day?? heck.. probably of the month

How'd ya like to meet this beauty in the woods at night??

found this on my walk yesterday, while in the past I have found skeletal remains of various animals, I have never found a skull in such good shape, and one that was so impressive!!

I "think' that it's from a Javelina, a desert variant of a wild boar :) Certainly makes me glad I carry a good blade when I hit the woods, not that it still wouldnt hurt me if it took it to mind, but at least I could fight back a bit if pressed.

Ok, ignore this for now, having issues uploading photos... but I'll get there!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another fear proved groundless :)

Dropped into the mid 30's last night, truck stayed about 20 degrees warmer than it was outside.. so I'm thinking winter will not be a big deal at all. I had left the stove set up on the desk inside, just in case I needed to fire it up and take the edge off the cold, but it was no big deal at all :)

another concern laid to rest!!

What a difference a day makes -Grin-

moved today.. hit the 14 day limit and decided not to push it since I had both fire crews, and forest rangers stop by to talk while I was camped at the last place..  Both stopped by obstensibly to look at the truck.  I have had a few folks express interest in it and the conversion (though minor) that I've done so far.. I think it's that they never would have considered such a thing!!

but today moved back to the west a bit.  North of Heber Az, in an area of the forest I have never been in before.. it's totally different from the forest near Bear Canyon Lake where I was 2 months ago.  and I think I like it better.. Not as many pines, alot of Juniper trees and pinon pines.. totally different look and feel to the woods.  compared to the area I was just in which was all pines, you cant see as far here..  hmm.. just had a realization.. you cant see as far here along the ground, but you can see the sky much better.. and being from the desert, I am used to being able to see for miles... I wonder if thats what is making me prefer it... something to consider :)  was cloudy when I got here and set up, and got some rain shortly thereafter, will see if it's warmer tonight.  Truck is nice and toasty, made some soup and top ramen after I had closed up for the night so it's comfortable here :)

will check in again tomorrow!  Hope everyone is smiling today!!

Forest road 228 5 miles north of Heber Az

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thinking of the Future

and wondering how far in advance I need to start making contacts for hosting this summer.. I pretty much have decided that I'll stay free and easy through the winter (though still debating that in part) but I figure this summer I will want to be stationary. The gentlemen at Bear Canyon Lake informally offered me a position up there next summer, and that would be beautiful, but it's fully primitive. Which would mean once every 2 weeks would need to run the truck out to refill on water, empty trash and black water. that's not too bad, but I would prefer to be someplace that had water/sewer/power right there.. and as a bonus, perhaps small pay... so I'm unsure what I'm doing at this point.

I go back and forth on hosting this winter simply because a part of me feels I shouldn't tie myself to any location yet, but to have a spot with power for the winter, hence heating... that's very tempting for me. The 40 degree nights I'm already encountering up here in the high country are letting me know that warmth can be a nice thing, but no way my battery can handle powering a heater at the moment, I can barely keep up with my electrical demands as is.. so I keep mulling it over.

For next Summer, I have feelers out for some spots in Utah that have potential, and for the spring I'm hoping to get involved in the Bald Eagle nesting monitoring that occurs here in Az during the spring. would be able to be out in a remote location, contributing to the cause of preservation, and getting paid for it! -Grin-

We shall see :) just sharing thoughts!

Enjoying the sounds of life

this morning.. Dark.. before the sky started lightening for dawn, I heard an elk bugling :) in the depth of the night, the sudden change in sound was wonderful.. there were no other noises, no wind, no sound of distant traffic.. just the lilting sound of the elks cry rising and falling off.. was repeated a couple times then silence again. I am looking forward to hearing more of then, it suited the feel of the night so well.

todays windy so far, only 10am, but have a feeling it will stay this way. Past couple days there has been a high wind and the clouds have just be racing by overhead.. feels like it's coming to earth now. in a day or so I'll break camp here and move to the west a bit for a family gathering. After that will probably head into Payson to see if I can find a charge controller without going to Flagstaff, then back to this area for the Trail Maintenance event at Fort Apache at the end of the month.

it's a good day :)

By request :) my travelling companion

out on a walk today and started playing with the camera :) so actually managed to get a pic of Tori for those who have expressed curiosity :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Afternoon Storm :)

hadnt played with this before, but imbedding a video of todays hail :) have had a few hailstorms this week but never had the camera handy :) when the sound of hail grows quiet towards the end, it's because there was a massive boom of thunder, but the mike on the camera didnt do it justice at all!! I was so disappointed :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ok.. what are the odds...

walking through the woods today, minding my own business.... all at once.. right next to me I hear a CRACK!! dang tree fell over! not 5' from me.. wasn't a huge one, only about 30 ft in height or so.. talk about kicking your heart in gear -grin-