Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Silence Lingers

Sorry I've been so quiet lately folks.. just feeling really mellow and introspective.

Been thinking of what comes next for me, where my road needs to lead in order for me to be content long term. so far, no real answers.. have considered applying for a park host position with the National Forest System, there are a few that look interesting to me, all volunteer. but a part of me thinks it's still to early..

Tentatively I'm looking at being at the Slabs in February, and Quartzite in January.. if I take a hosting position over the winter, that could conflict a bit and I don't want to get into that whole scheduling thing yet.. so I think I'll hold off till then.

Being tentatively offered a position hosting next summer at Bear Canyon lake, I think I will wait till then to commit myself to anything and just flow for now.

Been sitting in the same spot for a couple weeks now, feel no desire to move, but need to pick up Cat food tomorrow or the day after, so will probably move camp then, maybe not very far though, still deciding :) I like being close enough to town that i can walk in for a couple hours and pick something up if needed rather than move the truck. Though if I go where I'm considering, I probably will find a place to unload the bike and then I would be mobile :) I don't know, but will update when I have a plan!!

for now.. sun is going down, can hear the frogs and crickets starting their nightly chorus, and I feel at peace :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cool blog Nemo. I day dream all the time about doing exactly what you're doing. Right now I'm bored at work ready for a change in lifestyle. Hope to see you at The Slabs some year!

Nemo said...

i spent alot of years mentally planning escapes.. moving to Belize and living on a beach, finding some land in the middle of the wilderness.. they all cost more!! since it's just me and the pets, and becoming more and more disillusioned with conventional life.. I decided I really didnt have much to lose. the life I was leading was killing my spirit so it had to change.
Glad to have you as a visitor )