Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OOo Nooo.. Mosquitoes!!!

for the first time since I've hit the road, I found the little buggers!!  so I'm in the truck, 8pm, citronella candle burning and all screens on the windows :) 

had to move today from Bear Canyon Lake, hit the 14 day limit.. didnt want to risk annoying the rangers so I moved out!!   now, just a little off Highway 260, on forest road 171.  nice and open campsite, about 10 miles from the cabin :)

when I got in place, called the folks, let them know where I was.. and behold!!  about 4?  I see a truck turning into my camp...  since I didnt make it down there today for happy hour, they brought it to me :)  sat and had wine and snacks with mom and dad, and enjoyed good conversation :)  was fun, and so glad they took the time to come up.  I might be able to get used to this family stuff!!

will head down to the cabin probably on friday for the weekend get together.

Forest road 171, Apache Sitgreaves National forest, E of Christopher Creek, Az


kate said...

i REALLY hate bugs. that's why i like the desert, and the coastline....

Nemo said...

one of these days I'll make it to the coast.. have a feeling it will be next year though :)

and I cant stay in the desert now, the pets would suffer to much, while I can adjust to the 100+ temps, I think it would be unfair to them :)