Saturday, August 29, 2009

New High, and a New low...

Morning world! first the Low.. it's on the mundane side -Grin- got down to 42 outside last night.. but since I had the doors closed, stayed about 60 inside the truck!! bodes well for the upcoming winter. Now, sitting outside and enjoying the day, still in a sweatshirt. Used my new percolating coffee pot for the first time, I didnt have enough water in it, so it didn't perk as much as I need it to for good strong coffee.. lesson learned :)

Now for the "High" last night, about 300am, could hear the sound of an Owl not far from the truck.. to the best of my recollection, that is the FIRST time I've heard one in the wild.. other than that its just been on tv shows, or perhaps radio programs.. he stayed in the area for about a half hour, and I couldn't help just listening and smiling.. it's a little thing for some folks, but it made my spirit smile. And this morning, I think I saw him fly through the trees near me before it got to bright out.. looked like an Owl anyway, so I'm stickin with that!

Getting used to how my camp is set up, where I get sun and where I dont for the Solar Panels. Got some clouds over me now, and hoping they drop a little water for me. When I moved camp I dumped all my surplus rainwater there, now I could use a restock!!

Hope everyone is smiling and happy today!

And Congrats Sheri!!! -Grin-


Gypsy Trails said...

I had a wonderful morning ...went out for coffee with a friend that was passing through on her own adventure...and then took a walk by the lake.
Love doing things by the spur of the moment when able to.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

judilyn said...

The owl! Isn't that neat? We hear them during the night at our house. We are some out of town, but in a mobile home park. Nonetheless, they seem to hang about here.

One morning, he decided to spend the day in one of our huge trees in the back yard. If you can access the web, you can see my picture of him at:

Judie Ashford (VanDwellers list member)