Friday, August 28, 2009

It just keeps getting better -Grin-

Today, had passed the 14 day limit in my spot in Show Low, and needed pet food anyway, so it was a shopping day.. Turned out to be expensive in the stores!! but thats a different story.. teach me to make a list and follow it.. Anyway.. I moved location..

I had been thinking about moving to an area with water, but I still haven't gotten around to that. I have moved into higher forest though than Show Low Az is. I'm currently on Forest road 117, just off of Highway 260, Between Sunrise Lake, and Greer Az. Pulled off the road on a whim, and started down the forest road just to see what the area was like.. Of course there are bear signs up, but this area is also signed as an active Wolf recovery area, so hopefully I will be able to see some creatures in my walks.. as to the area, I pulled off into one of the first drivable spots off the road to set up camp, and am falling in love with this place already.. compared to where I have been, this is far more wild in appearance, and the trees are huge.. Just a beautiful place :) guess I wont move again too soon. have 14 gallons of water left, gonna stretch it out as far as I can!!


Michael said...

Great reading! How's the Box Truck handle on those twisty dirt roads? I'm guessing it's a better choice than a step van because it seems higher clearance

Nemo said...

It has done quite well :) almost all the weight is low down, and while there have been times the truck would shake side to side a bit in mud ruts.. overall it's been very stable and nice :) would just tool along and take it easy :)