Thursday, August 13, 2009

I found peace today :)

today was a rainy and grey day, about 2, I got in the mood for coffee and made a fire to put the pot on.. it started to lightly rain and a sense of contentment settled over me.

I recalled something that twokniveskate had said to me when I said I was being lazy, she said there is no lazy.. things happen as they need to, and if nothing is wrong with just being stopped for a time.

today, it clicked.. I was here in the world, there was no expectations, no demands on my time, no requirements to be productive.. just to be in the world and a part of the forest is all that I can ask... perhaps I'm getting this internally now and the few remaining worries I have will fade away as well.

Thanks Kate for propping me up back then, took me a bit, but now I understand exactly what you meant!!


kate said...

hey, just payback for the times you propped me up.

that feeling may come and go....but once you've felt that sensation of being in rhythm, the memory will sustain you during those times that old ways of thinking creep back in. if not, well, then we keep on propping each other up.

i'm grateful for your friendship:-)

Judy said...

Most say it takes at least 6 months to settle into the lifestyle. I think you are ahead of the game.

Nemo said...

As Kate says, i'm sure it's transitory, but I'm enjoying it :) have been out of work almost a year, so that timeline probably factors in as well :)