Thursday, August 13, 2009

I found peace today :)

today was a rainy and grey day, about 2, I got in the mood for coffee and made a fire to put the pot on.. it started to lightly rain and a sense of contentment settled over me.

I recalled something that twokniveskate had said to me when I said I was being lazy, she said there is no lazy.. things happen as they need to, and if nothing is wrong with just being stopped for a time.

today, it clicked.. I was here in the world, there was no expectations, no demands on my time, no requirements to be productive.. just to be in the world and a part of the forest is all that I can ask... perhaps I'm getting this internally now and the few remaining worries I have will fade away as well.

Thanks Kate for propping me up back then, took me a bit, but now I understand exactly what you meant!!
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