Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cultural difference? or is it just me?

Long night.. did my usual, got to bed shortly after dark, spent a few minutes outside appreciating the moon and stars, then went in to read.. probably was sleeping about 10.. About midnight, I get woke up by what sounds to be a party in the nearby camping area.. I lay there and try to go back to sleep, but kids are running around screaming, folks talking at full volume, after about a half hour I give up and open the door of the truck to see what the heck is going on..

well.. the circus came to town!! and parked right next to me!! 4 trucks, 8 tents had been put up, and the closest truck to me was 3 feet from the "No Camping" sign...

Ok.. granted, the English language is hard to read if it's not your native tongue.. but you would think at at 1am, you would realize that there are folks trying to sleep and at least try to keep the noise level down?? thats where my question comes in.. I cant imagine being that inconsiderate of others, hell, if I take a walk with Tori at 6am, and have to walk by a campsite, I try to walk extra quiet! just because I'm up doesnt mean others have to be..

well, I was so irked that I walked over to a young lady at that nearest truck and said "Did you manage to not see this sign?" her mouth drops open and says Ohh.. no.. we didnt see it.. so she gets them all together, for all I know calling me various names for messing up the night, and I explain to yet another camper the policies of this place that are well posted on signs throughout the campground.. all sites are numbered, must be within 50 feet of a camp here sign, no more than 10 people per site, and that the rangers are writing tickets.. well, they are less than thrilled, but of course you cant tell that by the kids, who are still running around and screaming.. I can see that a couple other nearby sites still have folks up and keep looking over as well.. one truck takes off with highbeams on, and spotlights in the back, shining into every campsite as they look for alternatives.. they eventually find one somewhere and start to pack up.. it took to about 3am before there was actually quiet in my neck of the woods again, but by then I was so uptight that I probably laid there for an hour before I could sleep again.. I have a feeling on the weekends I am going to tend to boondock more in the future..

get up this morning, and of course they left the area they had put up the circus tents totally trashed.. so first job this morning is to clean up after folks that just have no consideration... I just dont get it

if this is classified as a rant, so be it.. but I'm still irked -grin-


-A- said...

Making friends already! Maybe they'll invite you over for Christmas dinner **GRIN**

But seriously, sounds like you're having a great time! The offer still stands to stop over for a visit! There's great camping and scenery out here too ya know!



Nemo said...

Finally.. a good internet connection so I can respond to this one :)

I am having a good trip hon, been moments of trepidation, and alot of self examination, but I need that.

kate said...

yeah, i think i will do my campground stays (for showers and whatnot) during the week, and go off where it's quieter on weekends!