Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And the Bar is OPEN!!!

had conceived an idea to modify the layout of the truck, and incorporate a vent on the side of the truck in part of the interior layout... Well, on my Bday weekend, I went down to the folks cabin, and between Tony and I, we managed to turn a board into a table, and unorganized space into a kitchen area thats accessible from the outside of the truck :)

and of course we had to inaugurate it with happy hour!!

I'm very please with how it turned out, and it's going to be nothing but an assett as time goes on. going to make my camp life much easier!!

of course, after I left the cabin and found my next boondocking location (where I now sit) I'm backed into vegetation so tightly that that side of the truck isnt very workable :) but will still be easier to get to my cooking gear than climbing into the truck! Thanks Mom & Dad!


Brian Many Wheels said...

Nice, Nemo...I like it...I like that you can sit outside and have an attached table on the rig! That is great for boondocking (as I know you mostly do) when there is no picnic table

Nemo said...

aye, I can also use the back bumpers of the truck, it's got 2 heights, but having to climb in and out of the truck was getting old :) I'm very happy with it!

kate said...

this is so cool. i can't wait to see it in person!