Monday, August 31, 2009

a song takes on new resonance today

For the first time since I hit the road, I broke out the soundtrack to "Into the Wild"  one of the songs by Eddie Vedder took on a whole new meaning today in light of my earlier posts about my old life..  to quote

"Have no fear for when I'm alone
I'll be better off  Than I was before
I've got this life, I'll be around to grow
Who I was before, I can not recall

Long nights allow me to feel I'm falling, I am falling
The Lights go out
Let me feel I'm falling, I am falling
Safely to the ground..

Ill take this soul that's inside me now
Like a brand new friend I'll forever know
I've got this life and the will to show
I will always be better than before

Long nights allow me to feel I'm falling, I am falling
The Lights go out
Let me feel I'm falling, I am falling
Safely to the ground..."

now it means something more to me in life.. and it fits my life :)

Forest road 117, Between Sunrise Lake, and Greer, Apache National Forest, Az

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm beginning to wonder

How on earth I told people in the past that i lived in Arizona... I didn't.. I have BEEN in Arizona.. but I haven't really lived in it.. I now know the difference.. NOW I live in Arizona.. and sleep in a truck -Grin- I have seen more of this state on a personal level in the past 10 weeks than in the decades preceding it, and part of me just doesn't understand how I could have done that. Granted, the life I lived was different then.. but now that I'm out here, now that I can see just how much the world has to offer.. how did I survive??

today took a few hours for a nice walk through the woods.. then through the field beyond them, then to a little spring fed creek so Tori could play in the water, then back.. probably 5 miles or so total, purely a walk with nature that was varied and beautiful every step of the way.. I cant imagine ever going back to my old life.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New High, and a New low...

Morning world! first the Low.. it's on the mundane side -Grin- got down to 42 outside last night.. but since I had the doors closed, stayed about 60 inside the truck!! bodes well for the upcoming winter. Now, sitting outside and enjoying the day, still in a sweatshirt. Used my new percolating coffee pot for the first time, I didnt have enough water in it, so it didn't perk as much as I need it to for good strong coffee.. lesson learned :)

Now for the "High" last night, about 300am, could hear the sound of an Owl not far from the truck.. to the best of my recollection, that is the FIRST time I've heard one in the wild.. other than that its just been on tv shows, or perhaps radio programs.. he stayed in the area for about a half hour, and I couldn't help just listening and smiling.. it's a little thing for some folks, but it made my spirit smile. And this morning, I think I saw him fly through the trees near me before it got to bright out.. looked like an Owl anyway, so I'm stickin with that!

Getting used to how my camp is set up, where I get sun and where I dont for the Solar Panels. Got some clouds over me now, and hoping they drop a little water for me. When I moved camp I dumped all my surplus rainwater there, now I could use a restock!!

Hope everyone is smiling and happy today!

And Congrats Sheri!!! -Grin-

Friday, August 28, 2009

It just keeps getting better -Grin-

Today, had passed the 14 day limit in my spot in Show Low, and needed pet food anyway, so it was a shopping day.. Turned out to be expensive in the stores!! but thats a different story.. teach me to make a list and follow it.. Anyway.. I moved location..

I had been thinking about moving to an area with water, but I still haven't gotten around to that. I have moved into higher forest though than Show Low Az is. I'm currently on Forest road 117, just off of Highway 260, Between Sunrise Lake, and Greer Az. Pulled off the road on a whim, and started down the forest road just to see what the area was like.. Of course there are bear signs up, but this area is also signed as an active Wolf recovery area, so hopefully I will be able to see some creatures in my walks.. as to the area, I pulled off into one of the first drivable spots off the road to set up camp, and am falling in love with this place already.. compared to where I have been, this is far more wild in appearance, and the trees are huge.. Just a beautiful place :) guess I wont move again too soon. have 14 gallons of water left, gonna stretch it out as far as I can!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Could I have found the next step??

received an email update today from REI for their Events calendar. Listed on it was a Trail making event in Fort Apache, just a bit down the road from where I am now.. it's not till the end of September, but I plan on being in this general area for a bit now anyway.. so I pulled the trigger and volunteered to help for the weekend :)

that got me thinking and revisiting alot of old links I have had.. all oriented on Arizona outdoor activities and conservation... most of the events are in warmer parts of the state, but as I work down in the late fall/early winter, who knows.. I might find plenty to give me direction in life and find things that make my spirit soar again :) Wish me luck!

currently scheduled event

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Silence Lingers

Sorry I've been so quiet lately folks.. just feeling really mellow and introspective.

Been thinking of what comes next for me, where my road needs to lead in order for me to be content long term. so far, no real answers.. have considered applying for a park host position with the National Forest System, there are a few that look interesting to me, all volunteer. but a part of me thinks it's still to early..

Tentatively I'm looking at being at the Slabs in February, and Quartzite in January.. if I take a hosting position over the winter, that could conflict a bit and I don't want to get into that whole scheduling thing yet.. so I think I'll hold off till then.

Being tentatively offered a position hosting next summer at Bear Canyon lake, I think I will wait till then to commit myself to anything and just flow for now.

Been sitting in the same spot for a couple weeks now, feel no desire to move, but need to pick up Cat food tomorrow or the day after, so will probably move camp then, maybe not very far though, still deciding :) I like being close enough to town that i can walk in for a couple hours and pick something up if needed rather than move the truck. Though if I go where I'm considering, I probably will find a place to unload the bike and then I would be mobile :) I don't know, but will update when I have a plan!!

for now.. sun is going down, can hear the frogs and crickets starting their nightly chorus, and I feel at peace :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I found peace today :)

today was a rainy and grey day, about 2, I got in the mood for coffee and made a fire to put the pot on.. it started to lightly rain and a sense of contentment settled over me.

I recalled something that twokniveskate had said to me when I said I was being lazy, she said there is no lazy.. things happen as they need to, and if nothing is wrong with just being stopped for a time.

today, it clicked.. I was here in the world, there was no expectations, no demands on my time, no requirements to be productive.. just to be in the world and a part of the forest is all that I can ask... perhaps I'm getting this internally now and the few remaining worries I have will fade away as well.

Thanks Kate for propping me up back then, took me a bit, but now I understand exactly what you meant!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And the Bar is OPEN!!!

had conceived an idea to modify the layout of the truck, and incorporate a vent on the side of the truck in part of the interior layout... Well, on my Bday weekend, I went down to the folks cabin, and between Tony and I, we managed to turn a board into a table, and unorganized space into a kitchen area thats accessible from the outside of the truck :)

and of course we had to inaugurate it with happy hour!!

I'm very please with how it turned out, and it's going to be nothing but an assett as time goes on. going to make my camp life much easier!!

of course, after I left the cabin and found my next boondocking location (where I now sit) I'm backed into vegetation so tightly that that side of the truck isnt very workable :) but will still be easier to get to my cooking gear than climbing into the truck! Thanks Mom & Dad!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OOo Nooo.. Mosquitoes!!!

for the first time since I've hit the road, I found the little buggers!!  so I'm in the truck, 8pm, citronella candle burning and all screens on the windows :) 

had to move today from Bear Canyon Lake, hit the 14 day limit.. didnt want to risk annoying the rangers so I moved out!!   now, just a little off Highway 260, on forest road 171.  nice and open campsite, about 10 miles from the cabin :)

when I got in place, called the folks, let them know where I was.. and behold!!  about 4?  I see a truck turning into my camp...  since I didnt make it down there today for happy hour, they brought it to me :)  sat and had wine and snacks with mom and dad, and enjoyed good conversation :)  was fun, and so glad they took the time to come up.  I might be able to get used to this family stuff!!

will head down to the cabin probably on friday for the weekend get together.

Forest road 171, Apache Sitgreaves National forest, E of Christopher Creek, Az

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cultural difference? or is it just me?

Long night.. did my usual, got to bed shortly after dark, spent a few minutes outside appreciating the moon and stars, then went in to read.. probably was sleeping about 10.. About midnight, I get woke up by what sounds to be a party in the nearby camping area.. I lay there and try to go back to sleep, but kids are running around screaming, folks talking at full volume, after about a half hour I give up and open the door of the truck to see what the heck is going on..

well.. the circus came to town!! and parked right next to me!! 4 trucks, 8 tents had been put up, and the closest truck to me was 3 feet from the "No Camping" sign...

Ok.. granted, the English language is hard to read if it's not your native tongue.. but you would think at at 1am, you would realize that there are folks trying to sleep and at least try to keep the noise level down?? thats where my question comes in.. I cant imagine being that inconsiderate of others, hell, if I take a walk with Tori at 6am, and have to walk by a campsite, I try to walk extra quiet! just because I'm up doesnt mean others have to be..

well, I was so irked that I walked over to a young lady at that nearest truck and said "Did you manage to not see this sign?" her mouth drops open and says Ohh.. no.. we didnt see it.. so she gets them all together, for all I know calling me various names for messing up the night, and I explain to yet another camper the policies of this place that are well posted on signs throughout the campground.. all sites are numbered, must be within 50 feet of a camp here sign, no more than 10 people per site, and that the rangers are writing tickets.. well, they are less than thrilled, but of course you cant tell that by the kids, who are still running around and screaming.. I can see that a couple other nearby sites still have folks up and keep looking over as well.. one truck takes off with highbeams on, and spotlights in the back, shining into every campsite as they look for alternatives.. they eventually find one somewhere and start to pack up.. it took to about 3am before there was actually quiet in my neck of the woods again, but by then I was so uptight that I probably laid there for an hour before I could sleep again.. I have a feeling on the weekends I am going to tend to boondock more in the future..

get up this morning, and of course they left the area they had put up the circus tents totally trashed.. so first job this morning is to clean up after folks that just have no consideration... I just dont get it

if this is classified as a rant, so be it.. but I'm still irked -grin-