Friday, July 17, 2009

What a difference 30 miles can make (7/10/09)

From a parking lot, to Pines and peace..

I really enjoyed being able to be plugged in again, so stayed in Payson longer than I had thought I would initially.  made it a whole 3 nights.. having WiFi avail, having  a C store i could wander over to for a Dr Pepper, it was nice.. but I sure didnt like living in a parking lot.. 

Got up this morning and knew it was time..  at night had been laying there sweating and uncomfortable even with the doors open, and I don't like doing that when there are humans around.. I trust animals far more than I do them!! though seeing the teeth marks of a skunk in one of my Canteens one morning made me glad Tori hadn't woken up! <grin> that could have been even more educational than her street encounter..  but I digress <grin>

I havent gone far, and I have a feeling that I'll move further today, question is, in what direction.. it's friday.. weekend folks will be coming up.. so guess I need to get in position somewhere.. probably should go where I have a Cell signal so that I can at least touch bases with folks now and then.  Dont feel like going down alot of rutted roads today, really hard on the load that way.

Current view out my living room window (will add when I make connection Gmail doesnt support adding files in offline mode)

On the Mogollon Rim, North of Strawberry, Az

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