Monday, July 27, 2009

TRAPPED!! dang rain :) (7/22/09)

raining good and hard this morning, got my morning walk in, only wildlife seen was an Owl, havent dug into the books yet to see if I can determine the species, but he was a lovely specimen!  really gave me a smile when he silently came swooping through the trees! 

Had visitors for a short time today, Mom and Dad came up from the cabin to see where I was and my level of comfort :)  We sat for a time, then decided to take a hike down to the lake from my camp.. we didnt get more than 100 yards from the truck before it started rainin..  we stood under the trees for a time, but eventually decided it was going to settle in for a while and ran back to the truck to get under the tarp.  Dad was preemptive, and went right back into his truck!!  smart man..   It didnt let up and after talking with mom for a bit longer, they called it quits for the day and headed back to the cabin :)

23 miles one way for em, said they will come back up another day since I'm going to be here for a bit yet.   

Now I'm sitting in the truck watching the rain, and hoping that somehow the newest folks that showed up will pack up and leave since they are getting rained on..  Guess I'm not cut out for popular campgrounds, I feel squeezed in here and hate that I cant even sit in peace and quiet..  Boondocking seems to suit me better overal :)

but I'll tough it out.  John is going to try to come up sometimes, probably before next weekend depending on work schedule.  I find myself going through phases where I'm missing folks, other times I'm quite content to be solo.. but I guess thats to be expected.. havent even hit a month out yet.. but it's getting here!!!

All for now :)

Bear Canyon Lake, NE of Christopher Creek, Az

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