Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday morning 6 am..

Ok, it's not really, I just really like that album <grin> Old Simon and Garfunkle fan here of course..

it IS sunday morning, the morning after the 4th of July.  didnt see a single firework this year, didnt try at all but on both friday and saturday nights I could hear them.. I'm assuming the town of Globe, which is downhill about 14 miles.  sounded like they had a fairly descent amount going off, but I was already in bed (tending to crash at dark) and didnt wanna try to hike the trail that would give me a view down into town in the dark after seeing a rattlesnake a few times.

So far, I'm doing ok, still adjusting to not having a world full of distractions to keep me entertained.  Mostly at this point I sit..  alot of thoughts percolating through my mind, alot of things I'm trying to resolve about my spirit and my motivation in life. I find myself thinking of how in the world I could reintegrate into the world again, I think thats mostly due to the lack of an internet connection at the moment, I used to spend alot of time online, even if not doing much I would be streaming music or checking various sites.. Or, of course reading messages with Vandwellers, or Boondocking groups.

it's hard not to have those now, or at least someone to talk to.  Being the solitary sort that I am, that part suprises me.  Have had a couple of the folks coming near come offer me coffee in the morning, or the other day offer to give me thier remaining food as a camper left.. I'm so not used to that side of people.  I responded courteously and declined in both instances, but in time I might have to be more accepting.

weather forcast for the desert down below for the next week calls for possibly record heat, Highs today in globe up to 108.. and here I sit in a sweatshirt happy as a clam (well, temperature wise).  I think I'll probably head down on tuesday to try to hit a wifi, and then head up along the mogollon rim, in the area near Young, Az.  Think it will be a bit warmer than here, which would be good, the nights are freezing me out.  One of the biggest concerns I've had about being a dweller is being cold.  The heat I've worked out in for years, 110 days are uncomfortable, sure, but they can be adjusted to for me and have been for a long time.. but the cold, and potential body aches that come with it make me worry.. I have so many blankets and comfortors in the truck that come winter I wont be able to turn over!!  all just for contingencies.  and I think thats silly.. but untill I lay that fear to rest I'll keep hauling them around taking up space.  Generally, with the doors of the truck pulled to (not latched), and the passenger window cracked a bit for air, the truck stays 10 degrees warmer than it is outside.  Thats with no heat, and no lights or appliances generating anything that might cause heat.  so even if I have to deal with freezing temps I should be able to survive  I hope <grin>  I do worry about the pets since they have a higher body temp than humans do, but will cross that bridge as needed.

Tori is in great shape now, no sign of a limp at all while we walk and she runs along in front.  When we are away from sites I let her run off leash.  Sometimes she gets so far ahead I cant see her anymore, then I'll round a corner and she's waiting to make sure I'm coming that way.  If I get concerned I can blow a whistle twice and she comes running (at least so far)  so I'm not too worried about her.  Found out she's smell oriented, doesnt spend alot of time looking around at all, and has missed both deer and rabbits that way :)  in time that may change, this is all new to her.

took her first walk out at 6am this morning, was on the cool side, but I had crashed at about 730 last night, was getting cool outside and retreated inside the truck where it was 70, so it was an early night.

Some hikers just came by, Said the fireworks are from the casino in town, not the city, I had wondered how they could have afforded them with the economy as it is.  They think there will be more tonight.  They are working on one of the cabins up here and took a break to walk a bit.

so not looking forward to going down to the heat in a few days, but we all do what we must!!
Untill next time!!
Upper Pinal Campground, Pinal Mountains, South of Globe, Az
"Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined."
Deepak Chopra


JS said...

Hey bro...something to ponder..dont decline..ppl who camp are kind that way..it is less for them to carry and pack..most of the time when they get home they toss it out anyway..plus it makes em feel good =P

Nemo said...

I know ;) but you know how hard a time I have accepting things from others :) i'm sure in time I'll be able to, but not yet