Monday, July 27, 2009


well, 8am on Friday morning and for the past hour I've been treated to the sound of Chainsaws, and quads running up and down the roads.. and I am sure some of them have no type of muffler at all...  I think the forest service guys were right, it's going to be a looong day :)

could it be I've gotten spoiled by my solitude?   considering packing it in and moving to the backside of the lake, but since thats not even a camp ground, it might well be worse over there, when I was walking the road near the dam yesterday there were already tracks of ATV's and Dirt Bikes.. and with no campground to at least have some established rules, I can imagine what it could turn into..  Probably will stay here and just get cranky -grin-

Cloudy today so far, no power coming in to speak of, so may type more later.

Bear Canyon Lake, NE of Christopher Creek, Az

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