Thursday, July 30, 2009

a quiet and serene night in the woods

Feeling very peaceful today, the weekend crowd hasnt started to show up yet, and after todays 8 mile hike, I'm feeling tired and worn down, but in a good way :)

had some cold soup for dinner, didnt feel like making a fire, and now watching the sun set as I listen to soft music on the radio.. it's times like this that I am very glad to have chosen this path in life.

It's not all beer and skittles, as they say, I still have my moments of restlessness, or of missing my favorite addition Online Gaming, but this life and that just dont mesh.. and I think that this is the life that will prevail..

it used to be normal for my BP to be in the 150/98 range.. took it today and it's down to 130/74.. somehow, I think this is the healthier choice :)

todays thing that irritates me.. folks that leave the campsite and dont bother to put out thier fires!! so far this week I've put out 5 of them.. and have watched the rangers kill a couple others.. Folks just dont seem to get it.. they come here because they want to get away, and be somewhere beautiful, but their actions might just ruin it for others and themselves.. it's frustrating.

Todays picture :) though I dont know that I will do one daily. View of Bear canyon lake, from the west end, at the end of the trail from forest road 208.


judilyn said...

BP readings seem askew, somehow. Your second one is higher than the first, which probably wasn't your intention, right?

Judie Ashford

Nemo said...

You are sooo right :) corrected, thanks for catching that. As I was going to sleep last night I actually had wondered if I typed that right, something in me must have known :)