Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Question: Does coffee strongly effect Nemo? OOOoo Baby!!

Made coffee with dinner tonight, first time I've made it on a camp fire, didn't measure out the water, just guesstimated it..  of course, hadn't had caffeine for over a week.. can you say Wired!! <grin> still 1030, and i'm going strong.. just finished organizing all my online photos in Picasa, and deleted them from my Camera.  gonna try to get some rest tonight, Dogs looking at me like I'm nuts! <grin>  But it was really good Dark Roast coffee...

on the more serious side.. been hiking every day since I've came up the mountain.. this is the first time that before I started out, before my feet ever hit the first hill I could feel my heart beating away, and FAST!!..  so yes.. Coffee, that wonderful elixir, does effect me, and I'm not sure thats a good thing.. Didn't like the elevated heart rate at all after being calm and serene for a week..  will have to make it sparingly.

Night folks! :)

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