Monday, July 27, 2009

oh My.. What a Bear of a Commute this morning! (7/21/09)

After a cold night (was down to 50 outside) in which I slept quite well, got up this morning to fulfill our civic duty, and Tori and i started out on the trail at 615..  Dodging the traffic and the sounds of squirrels, we headed down an old unused road..  well, I'm the sort that if the trip is being uneventful, it's time to turn off the road and go off trail for a bit.. so the first promising corner we came too...

cut down a ravine, gentle slope, not steep at all.  Dark forest closed in around us, it had rained a few hours yesterday when I first got here, so everything was damp and moist, much like a rainforest floor is where the sun doesnt get to it.  it was beautiful and quiet, but something was still missing.. Ahh.. there it was!  Fast food for breakfast!!  I had found myself a wonderful grove of Wild strawberries, and quite a few of the plants had fruit..  Now, I'm normally not much for fruit at any time of day, just somehow never got the taste for it, but this morning a few dozen wild berries did the trick!!  it was a great pick me up.

being the consumate navigator that I like to think I am, and having not brought my GPS or Compass along with me, I knew the lake was to my south, so I headed up the ridge to get to that area..  I eventually came to another abandoned and closed off road and I could tell the lake was down below me, but in hopes that the road I had found led to the dam at the base of the lake, I decided to follow that for a ways figuring one of two things would happen.. it would curve around to the dam, so I would possibly have an alternate route of getting my Kayak to water, or it would curve the other way and meet up with a closed off road that i had started on...  There was a third option that I hadnt really considered viable at the time.. that it would just continue to go it's own way!!  well...  it did.. I followed it for a few miles...  and at this point all I can do it repeat.. it was a bear of a commute.. No.. Really.. A Bear...  A Black Bear...  A Big Black Bear.....(grin, ok, literarry liscence there).

Tori And I were strolling happily along, she running ahead (for some reason this morning I was keeping her on lead) when suddenly she stopped stone still.. her nose quivering and looking into the trees to our left...  I stop and start to scan and what do I see.. a Bear slowly stepping away into the medow that is behind the trees...  I tell Tori she's a good girl, and start praising her as I watch the bear depart so I know we are not under threat, and it breaks into a trot to get out of site.. perhaps it was in the mood for some fast food as well <Grin> certainly makes me rethink going off trail here as casually.. but as long as I have Tori with me, I have a backup :)

Was a great mornings walk, and I look forward to being able to repeat the discoveries for many days to come, probably will be here a couple weeks, so dont know when this will hit the blog.. but hope you enjoy the story :)

Bear Canyon Lake, NE of Christopher Creek, Az

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