Friday, July 17, 2009

I think I found lazy..

had plans to get up bright and early this morning, load everything up, and head into Payson, Az, for a resupply..  well.. didnt feel like it this morning, so decided that I'll wait till sundown or so to head down.  probably stay the night at the Casino Parking lot again and make use of thier WiFi and grill.  then head to the Folks tomorrow.

Not suprisingly.. as the afternoon drags on, I'm still lazy!!  figure about 4 will start loading up.. isnt really much to move into the truck, just the solar and the water jugs.. then will head down.  Hopefully it will be cloudy down there today so that the temperature isnt terrible (90+)  but if so, with it being late in the day will only have to tolerate it for a couple hours before the sun sets and that changes everything :)

By for now!!
Forest Road 609, Coconino National Forest, North of Strawberry, Az


D said...

Beautiful pictures, can you upload one of Tori?

kate said...

lazy is out the window, no longer part of your it is making wise use of time and energy!

Nemo said...

I have to take new pics of Tori :) havent caught her in a good spot yet.. she's in the title pic now, but hiding in the shade :)