Friday, July 31, 2009

A good Friday :)

JUumped on the Cycle this morning and went in to Woods Canyon Lake, my word, already at 10am that place was a madhouse.. no parking space for a normal vehicle, so just pulled the bike along a no parking painted zone.. it fit well. Got my Fishing license, John will be coming up with weekend and will see if we can manage to get dinner a time or two :)

Storm in the area now, and it's brought a nice breeze, hopefully it will rain and put some of the dust down, and give me a boost in my rainwater, I'm almost out (use it for washing of me, dishes, laundry, cooking, and fire dowsing) so need a recharge. so far this place isnt as bad as last weekend, can hear folks coming in, but my corner of the park is still empty :) need 2 vandwellers to show up quick and take the 2 nearest spots!!!

It's comfortable here, some of the peace from last nights post is still here.
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