Monday, July 27, 2009

The Good and bad things in a day... (7/26/09)

Good morning from cloudy Arizona!! -Grin-

clouds rolled in a bit ago, hoping I get a good rainshower, running low on rainwater for washin.

Today goes into the books so far as a good day, for the first time since hitting the road, Unloaded the bike today.. Almost won the moron of the day award by coming close to dropping it coming down the ramp, but I got it down safely(though probably scared myself out of a year).

a few minutes ago, the forest rangers that I've been talking to came by, one of them gave me a name and number for a contact for hosting campgrounds up here, and took my name to give to his boss.  Said it would fit right in with what I'm doing in my life right now, and while they dont have paid positions, at least I wouldnt have to be moving every 14 days :)  I was quite pleased that they think it would be something I would do well at, and lord knows staying up here would be wonderful ;)  Sure would give me lots of time to hike and learn the area.. probably nothing will develope this summer, but I can keep it in mind for next if I'm still mobile with this life.   I have a feeling I will be.

been pondering a rearrangment in the truck.  As you might have noticed by the title picture of the site, I have a good sized truck.. that grill thats visible on the side actually opens up.. the brilliant idea occured to me last night as I was starting a fire and beginning food prep that I should move the food cabinet in the truck right in front of that.  so that all I had to do when outside is to open that grill, and make a drop down shelf.. then all my cooking gear would be handy.  could leave a space for the laptop too so that I could grab it as well instead of having to climb in and out the back all the time (about 3.5' in height)  sometimes after long walks, my legs dont enjoy that.

Probably will get a good picture of the truck and replace the title photo with it soon, why settle for a mockup when I can get a good shot of the real thing :)  I'll try to watch the picture size for those with smaller screen resolution than I use..

To those that have posted comments.. I swear! I am NOT ignoring you!!!  I just havent been in a spot where I have a real connection that I can work with.  i'm planning on going to Payson, Az tomorrow and getting an Aircard, so that shouldnt be an issue from here out.. Closing for now, clouds getting thicker and i might get rain.. Am hoping so I can wash the bike -grin- And me while I'm at it..  the campground is clearning out so I can probably get away with it without too much chance of embarassment!!  By for now!!

Bear Canyon Lake, NE of Christopher Creek, Az

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