Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Education of Tori

She made me proud yesterday morning.. and made my day sooo much better than the alternative would have been...

got up at 6am on the top of Pinal Mountain, we literally were in the clouds.. nothing but a thick fog in all directions, it was very wonderfull and rare for an Arizona morning. We start our usual morning walk, taking it easy, she's off leash as usual when no one is around.. next thing I know she alerts and goes tearing down the road..

I look ahead, and what do I see.. a Skunk!! Instant dread filled me.. What horrors would I be dealing with in just a matter of minutes!! Never before had I had to call tori back from the chase, until recently, she didnt even know what a chase was, being pretty much bound to the yard.. but there we were in the fog of morning, Tori Running, me looking on with horror, the skunk lifting his tail in display to say bring it on!!!

I called Once "TORI!".. no effect.. I called again! TORI!!" her step faltered slightly.. I called Once more in desperation as she was nearing her quarry "TORI!!!" and she turned and come to me :) Never had I been so pleased with her.. showered her with love and affection, and we watched the skunk relax and go it's own way :)

Crisis Averted!!

Currently in a park in Payson, Az leaching connection from the Payson Library :)

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