Sunday, July 19, 2009


Trying to play catchup with all my email is nuts!! <grin>  luckily, most of it isnt critical.. just could be missing some good info if I dont at least try!!  been sitting here for 1.5 hours now, and still havent managed!!

Spending this weekend at the Folks Cabin in Hunter Creek, Az.  little bit warmer than when I was up on the rim last week, but it's nice here, and got to spend some time with some wonderfull people that came up with my Sister Sheri :)   getting to meet and know them was well worth the extra heat!

Tomorrow, will probably head up to the Bear Canyon Lake on the rim and back to the cooler country.  Still havent spent the time in the truck putting away all the groceries I picked up on Saturday morning, so will have to do that once I get in place and 'camped' again.  the lake will be my first attempt at breaking out the Kayak and spending some downtime on the water.

Tori got her baptism today in Hunter Creek, the creek wasnt flowing, but there was enough standing pools of water, some of them a couple feet deep, and I decided to do some wading in the creek.. well, as usual, she followed me after a moments hesitation.. and I think she's decided that she loves water now :)  she was having a blast there and it was so nice and comfortable in a 90 degree day :)

Picked up the Verizon phone from my Sister this weekend, hopefully it will function better than the t-mobile has been for signal.  Still havent done the Aircard thing, so will be out of the loop again for a while.  just not ready to do that bill. 

Dont have signal here, or would be adding some pictures to the posts, bear with me.. one day I'll have the ability again, or find a good post writing software that will allow me to post them offline, then upload when it gets a firm connection.  I'll keep hoping ;)

nothing else of note at this time, will write more when I'm back in the woods ;)  Be well my friends!

Hunter Creek Az.  Near Christopher Creek Az.


kate said...

i am lax in keeping up with my favorite blogs :-) let us know how the kayaking is, and if the verizon works better for ya!

Nemo said...

so far so good on the Aircard Kate, didnt get a signal first thing this morning, but it's going strong now :) nice to be able to be remote and still in touch :)

so far Kayak hasnt been unpacked.. it's a steep switchback trail to the water, and I dont know that I want to bring it back up!! have a friend coming up next weekend, can load it in his truck and drive to the trailhead, then while he fishes I'll probably play a bit :)