Tuesday, July 28, 2009

any fungus experts out there??

found a type I cant find in my book, nor have I seen it listed online.. so just in case :)


Rick Brentlinger said...

Hello Nemo-

Very interesting blog! I've read almost all of your posts but didn't see a discussion of why you chose the box truck vs. a high-top van or a motorhome or a truck and trailer.

Just wondering what your gas mileage is and what factors led you to the box truck.

Looks like you're getting it set up to be comfortable for your nomad life.

How does the dog enjoy camping?

I have a Giant Schnauzer, 9 years old and hope to start full-timing within a year.

I'm wondering how that will go with an older dog.


Nemo said...

Hi Rick :) I went with the box truck for the Stealth aspect of it. looking at all the potential places I might end up going, and not wanting to worry about blending in much, I can park this in alot of places without folks batting an eyelash.. of course, all I've done so far is boondock.. If your in the Vandweller group on Yahoo, you could search way back and find discussions on the truck type from months ago, but it mainly came down to being able to park and not be detected. In addition to me, I have the Cycle (which will fit in back), and a 10' whitewater Kayak (also in back). with a normal cargo van, or even a hightop van conversion to handicapped bus (which I looked at) I couldnt be as concealed. so box truck won out in the end :)

I went with the Deisel because I had heard this type got much better gas milage than most of them, and of course the engines last longer.. currently around 150k on it, and I doubt I will make it to 200k in the next few years, dont find myself wanting to drive much.

Tori (unknown breed, rescue dog) is loving it! when I was a stick and brick dweller, I didnt get her out much for walks or socialization, but that has changed here, we take multiple walks a day, have taken her to dog parks and let her run free with others while I'm doing email, and in general shes looking and feeling better than ever :) Even the Cat has adjusted.. it's been a good experiance for us all ;)