Monday, July 27, 2009

And todays test (7/23/09)

Is dealing with people...  today, I took a long long hike around the lake..  there isnt a trail around the lake.. but I did anyway <grin>  was only 4.5 miles or so in distance, but by the time I got back I was ready to collapse.. the only flat spot around the lake is the water itself!!  so I was beat!!

got back to the truck just in time to run across a couple National forest service guys putting up signs allowing camping only in designated locations, and actually putting up the signs to designate the sites.. luckily I didnt have to move <grin>

they informed me that I was in the cesspool of the forest here at the lake, and that starting tomorrow, this place was going to go sharply downhill.. they havent the budget to keep it picked up, the folks that have the contract to do so will show up tomorrow morning, and they said that by tomorrow night it will be trashed all over again.  really irks me..

well, folks didnt wait for tomorrow to start showing up.. I was feeling crowded as it is, and more folks came rolling in this afternoon.. instead of me being able to appreciate the quiet of the woods at night, and first thing in the morning.. all I can hear now at 7pm, is the sound of chainsaws, and quads running all over the place.. including down some roads I know quite well they arent supposed to be on.. and it's going to get worse???  I guess I'm definatly a boondocking kinda guy, even a remote campsite (in this case) has to much of the crap that man brings into the world.

but.. I did find it making me think of being a camp host for someplace like this..  I have the demeanor, I have the bearing.. and I certainly care enough about the preservation of the environment that I wouldnt hesitate to get on someones case about it if they were trashing the place.. Might have to talk to my forest service boys tomorrow and see if something could be worked out... OOo.. goody.. gunshots now.. even though it's posted all over that there is no shooting...  This could be a long weekend.

Bear Canyon Lake, NE of Christopher Creek, Az

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Sally said...

Well we (atch) are in the valley today and wish we were back in Hunter Creek. I forget how uncomfortable it is. Doing the medical thing to enjoy longer life.

Happy to read your comments.