Friday, July 17, 2009

and A Rainy night.. finally! (7-15-09)

730pm, 59 degrees outside.. 74 in the truck ;) doors shut, pets in and happy.. will be an early night tonight.  Love listening to the sound of the rain on the truck and the wind in the trees.  Was cloudly all day and I kept hoping that rain would come, when it finally did it settled in to stay for a while.  At the back doors of the truck I have a tarp up which provides me shade through the day, and of course protection from that mythical thing called rain!!  with an eye toward sustainability and being able to boondock for longer periods, I have it slanted to feed into a bucket to catch all the rain that I can.

When I retired to the truck, I had captured over 2 gallons so far and it's still coming down, so I'm quite content.  Will use that for tomorrows washing of both me and the dishes. 

Tomorrow, will pack the truck up and head into town for base level supplies, and I "May" get a Verizon Aircard.. alot of areas that i expect to be in probably still wont have signal, but it is alot more practical than a phone that doesnt get signal hardly anywhere..  At least I can keep in touch with folks through Email.  Know that wont please everyone, but I have to count the dollars at the moment, still havent won the lottery <grin>

This weekend, have a get together at the family cabin, should be fun.  They havent seen the truck yet, may even unload the bike and do some riding.

Forest Road 609, Coconino National Forest, North of Strawberry, Az

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