Monday, July 27, 2009

7/20/09 Bear Canyon Lake

Well, I can only say one word about this place.. Beautiful!!

came up today, had never been here, but it's deep woods.  12 miles of washboard road once you get off the pavement, and it is well worth the trip.  Before I selected a campsite, I drove down the access to the water and hiked the trail to it.. lovely lake, steep walled lined with mature pines..  have a few tracks I have to check tomorrow for possibly an easier way to the water than exists, otherwise I may never end up getting into it!  I'm camped quite a way from it and i'm definately not going to carry the Yak the whole way.. Folks are tentatively planning on coming up on Wednesday, maybe then, but unsure at this point.  Hike from the lake parking area to the water is down a switchback trail, lots of rocks and steps.  so not an easy trek by any means.  but I bet it would be beautiful on the water.  I might have found a trail that goes down to the dam end of the lake.  Not legally drivable, but might be a much easier hike, and could even be relatively shorter.. time will tell, will hike it in full tomorrow with my gps to make sure I know where I went when i consult the maps.

Been cold today and i'm actually wearing a jacket as I type.  last time I checked the temp was about 330, and it was 58..  Tonight will be a cool night and I'm looking forward to it.  Collected about 3 gallons of rainwater today, filtered out the debris from the trees through an old shirt and it's nice and clear, will use it tomorrow to do some laundry I'm thinking.  I dont like how crowded this place is for a Monday night, Not at all like my remote area in Strawberry, but I'll adjust :)  hitting 7pm now and soon will head in for the night, hopefully the 2 other campsites near me (but not right next to me) wont be partiers tonight.    Thinking if I had got the Verizon Aircard, I would have a signal tonight, the Verizon phone does allow me to call out from here, but not Tmobile.  lesson learned, will have to get that taken care of :)

Bear Canyon Lake, Forest Road 89, NE of Christopher Creek Az.

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