Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3rd day unplugged! 6-30-09

Greetings from the Upper Pinal Campgrounds, in the Pinal mountains, south of Globe Az

3rd day out and settling in, so to speak :)

Set up the solar panels this morning, nice and early so that me and my sunburned self wouldnt have to be working in direct sun!!  They are working well, and laptop fully charged in the space of about 2 hours from a 1/3 charge, so I'm happy with that.

Tori and I are settling in fine, Goblin is still hiding in the truck for trhe most part but I see her now and then.. she is getting to her food and water so I know it's not critical for her to be out and about.  I hope she gets to a point where she feels she can be soon though, miss her face :)

Yesterday morning, got up early for a walk, and was fortunate enough to see a deer up the road a bit as We walked.  then Yesterday afternoon, had a thunderstorm system roll through, my first storm in the truck..  winds didnt get that high, but i'm in somewhat of a sheltered bowl, rained for only about 40 minutes and not heavily, but did keep me in the truck..

After the storm passed, Tori and i went for another walk, it was just beautifull out and so comfortable.  Found the turn off to the Lower Pinal campgrounds, walked part way and discovered there are actually a few cabins up here!  I had thought it was all park land.. they are small, but it sure would be nice :)  Didnt walk all the way yet because Tori isnt used to getting this much exsercise and starts limping after a while, so building her up slowly. 

Made my first fire of the trip last night after the rain as well and cooked dinner on a small blaze.  2 elderly gentlemen had come up during the day, and stopped to say they were up for a few days, they had a bonfire going!  just have to hope they take care of it.

Nothing on deck for today but rearranging some things in the truck, and another walk or two.   Of course, this Wont go out untill I hit wifi, but making updates as I go!

Upper Pinal Campground, Pinal Mountains, South of Globe, Az.
"Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined."
Deepak Chopra

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