Friday, July 17, 2009

3 days seems to be a cutoff for me..

then I start getting restless <grin>  Hopefully in time that will pass, or am I going to be moving every few days??  kinda hope thats not the case, but time will tell.
Got in place here on Forest Road 609 on Friday, with record heat forcast for the Phx area, I had a feeling that alot of folks would make the trip up.. I did see a few vehicles over the weekend, but for the most part I've been alone with the sound of traffic in the distance.. and it's been nice :) 
My Day routine has been to get up about 6am, take Tori for a walk to let us both streatch our legs, practice Knife throwing for a bit (into a dead tree, never live), find something good on the Radio and spend my day in contemplation of my life and the potential futures available to me.  Occasionally taking additional walks with Tori untill it's dark like is coming on now.. soon we will retire to the truck and call it a night :)  Might watch a couple episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I know, I know.)

I think tomorrow I will pick up an Aircard for the laptop, just dont like being out of touch.  Will be at the folks cabin on Saturday, Sister is bringing up a new phone from Verizon, that should help as well with staying in touch.

Have been wondering lately if the Truck is going to cut it for me.. hate not having windows, and since so far I've shown no inclination for the "Stealth" aspect I might as well get something more comfortable for daily living..  of course, thwn will have the joy of trying to resell the truck if I do that.  Or.. could just install a skylight and vents in it for the hotter areas so at least I would have light inside.  Thats a down the road decision yet though :)

Closing for now, to look at the stars for a few!!  it's a hard life isnt it <grin>

Forest Road 609, Coconino National Forest, North of Strawberry, Az

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Ty said...

In reference to your no window comment:
I'm not sure what your truck looks like, but if you have of those big doors in the back that slides up, you could possibly build a second wall with lots of windows and a door immediately behind that. That way you could have a back wall with windows and still be stealth when you need to. It might need something creative at the very top to make a nice seal when the big door is open in order to keep bugs out.
Please post some pictures.
I saw your blog link on the yahoo vandwellers thread.
Best wishes,