Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So tired of speed bumps... after mounting the support beams for the bed yesterday, went out to park the truck and in the few moments I was moving it, it stalled twice.. my stress level went through the roof of course. and then laid there all night wondering if it was going to be a problem and how much it was going to cost me.. that too builds the stress.. by morning i was feeling pretty hopeless.. why do I keep trying when the simplest little thing can come along and kill all forward momentum so easily.

this morning (well, was almost 11, but I got up at 10) I jumped in the truck and made the 19 mile run to Casa Grande Az, to the Home Depot for the plywood for the bed (box spring, or what will serve as one) Truck ran fine. When I have it backed up to my garage, the truck sits on an incline, and I think thats what caused momentary problems with the fuel delivery causing the truck to stall. Or so I hope!! anyway.. no problem with it at the moment, my stress level is still higher than it should be but I'm managing, and can probably finish up the bed tomorrow.. to dang hot out there now.

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