Thursday, June 4, 2009


700am.. I had forgotten what it's like to get up this early!! And to think 430 was normal for me..

Only supposed to be 105 today, guess I need to get out there while it's still cool.

John called me up yesterday, if he can get away from work wants to head out when I do for a day or so in the wild. put off answering for now because I dont have a firm day for departure. dont know if it would be more or less stressfull with someone else around on my debut night out. he was thinking taking both trucks for a dry run, I informed him that once I go, I wont be burning the gas to return.

Ongoing projects

1. Mount bed platform -Done-
a) determine mid cut point to enable the lower section to be lifted to get bike out -check-
b) set up lag screws, or other form of removable hookup for that section. -done-
2. finish packing kitchen items that will go
a) take kitchen items to truck
b) assemble remaining food items to be moved into truck
3. Finish enclosing clothes rack in truck for dust control
a) take suits and other dress clothes to truck
4. Assemble remaining house items to be distributed to family, friends, charity

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