Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seeking less wobble

<sigh> i hate the heat sometimes.. another hot day on tap and I'm so not looking forward to sweating it out here. But the truck is still not ready to roll and I have more things to get rid of.

Todays items to get finished!
get desk disassembled and in truck,(check)
Get shelving secured to the sidewalls of the truck,(in progress)
Get a spray foam sealant for the holes that had been cut by prior owner, (check)
Plan out how Kayak will be secured/set,(check)
Get hanging clothes rack in truck for spacial adjustments as needed(check)

items needed from Home Depot:
hardware to secure shelves,(check, kinda)
hole filler/sealant, (check)
water repellant spray, didnt find what I wanted, sheeting will have to do.(check)
plastic sheeting. (check)

so let it be writtin, so let it be done!!

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