Friday, May 29, 2009

how time gets away...

Today, for the first time since I picked up the truck, took it out on the road today.. amazing how time slips away from ya. Glad that my run today (just 30 miles) was enough to confirm my decision to buy that one!! had the Cycle loaded, all the shelving in with a partial load of all the containers I will be traveling with, and other than a few minor shifts, all rode well!! most importantly, the bike stayed in position with no issues whatsoever.. that was a major concern of mine. It has been loaded for a few days in the 100+ degree heat, and when I climbed in there was no discernible smell of Gasoline, so that too is a wonderful thing :)

have the wood for the bed frame, just have to be willing to get out there and do it!

I never expected to still be in the house this long.. I joked with some friends the other day that I'll just get on the road in time for it to turn cold.. and that is soo wrong! one of my aspirations was to get out of the summer heat.. but being the natural procrastinator that I am.. guess it shouldnt suprise me.

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