Saturday, April 4, 2009

slowly it comes together

yesterday, ordered the book on 12 volt electrical systems, and a set of sunforce solar panels. Just the 60 watt kit for now. figure it will be sufficient to keep the house battery(single at this point) charged, and keep up the cell phone, and the laptop of it I get one. so at the least I will not be out of touch with the world unless I choose to be.

Today, bit the bullet and ordered a Arched Black Widow motorcycle ramp from discount Ramps. once that gets here, then I'll be able to actually become mobile!!

Considering how to layout the truck still. will probably get some sheets of 1/2" plywood to lay down on the floor. trying to decide what the best way to secure the shelves on the wall is. they will have weight bearing to the floor, but dont want to worry about them falling over while taking a corner, so need to have them attached at least to a degree to the walls. considering running a frame of 2X4's around the box interior.

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