Thursday, April 2, 2009

a relaxing day

Spent a good many hours out collecting Apache Tears today, and taking it easy for the most part. Then did a run by a metal fabricator to talk about having a loading ramp made for the Bike, to the back of the truck.. unfortunately, the fabricator had gone home sick 20 minutes prior to my arrival.. my luck

will have to make some calls tomorrow and take the one I bought earlier back to the retailer, 70" just isnt long enough keep the bike from high centering on entry. gonna have to find a 9' or so I guess. Didnt wanna spend the 400$ for that.

have also been doing a bit of reading on batteries and recharging systems for the house batteries. have to make sure at the minimum I can recharge the phone, and would like to get a laptop to play dvd's on, and have net access when I'm near a hotspot.

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