Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so much for progress.. Stressin tonight.. Finally decided it was time to get Insurance on the truck so I could start making runs with it.. Called my Agent.. only to be told that he's not sure they can insure it because in it's past it has been a commercial vehicle.. having no intention of using it in that way now seems to be less relevant that I would have thought.. so in a cranky mood waiting for him to get back to me on if it will be insurable with my other vehicles, or if I will have to find commercial vehicle insureance for a non commercial vehicle.. as you might imagine my frustration level has been kicked up.

I am so very unhappy with the rules and requirements of our society.. is it any wonder that I want out!

if I didnt have the animals to take care of I'd just jump on the bike and be gone... even knowing that might not be the best solution for me to take, my patience is running out lately.

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