Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so much for progress.. Stressin tonight.. Finally decided it was time to get Insurance on the truck so I could start making runs with it.. Called my Agent.. only to be told that he's not sure they can insure it because in it's past it has been a commercial vehicle.. having no intention of using it in that way now seems to be less relevant that I would have thought.. so in a cranky mood waiting for him to get back to me on if it will be insurable with my other vehicles, or if I will have to find commercial vehicle insureance for a non commercial vehicle.. as you might imagine my frustration level has been kicked up.

I am so very unhappy with the rules and requirements of our society.. is it any wonder that I want out!

if I didnt have the animals to take care of I'd just jump on the bike and be gone... even knowing that might not be the best solution for me to take, my patience is running out lately.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


IMG_0638 testing windows live writer on the laptop


Finally got the bike loaded into the truck yesterday, to begin laying out the tie down points. Loading with the ramp I have is problematic, and I'm gonna have to figure out a way to modify the ramp to keep me from High centering the bike.. teach me to get a cruiser that's 9' long!

once it's loaded, I actually have more of a roomy feel in the truck than I expected. think this is going to work out well!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A recent song Discovery, it suits me well!

There are times I fear I lose myself
I don’t know who I am
I get caught up in the struggle and the strain
With my back against a stonewall
My finger in the dam
Losin’ strength and goin’ down again

And I take a look around me
My eyes can’t find the sun
There’s nothing wild as far as I can see
Then my heart turns to alaska
And freedom on the run
I can hear her spirit callin’ me

To the mountains, I can rest there
To the rivers, I will be strong
To the forest, I’ll find peace there
To the wild country, where I belong

Oh, I know some times I worry
On worldly ways and means
And I can see the future killing me
On a misbegotten highway
Of prophecies and dreams
A road to nowhere and eternity

And I know it’s just changes
Yes, and mankind marchin’ on
I know we can’t live in yesterday
But compared to what we’re losin’
And what it means to me
I’d give my life and throw the rest away

To the mountains, I can rest there
To the rivers, I will be strong
To the forest, I’ll find peace there
To the wild country, where I belong
To the wild country, where I belong

Words and music by john denver

Saturday, April 4, 2009

an important video, that most folks will do all they can to ignore.

slowly it comes together

yesterday, ordered the book on 12 volt electrical systems, and a set of sunforce solar panels. Just the 60 watt kit for now. figure it will be sufficient to keep the house battery(single at this point) charged, and keep up the cell phone, and the laptop of it I get one. so at the least I will not be out of touch with the world unless I choose to be.

Today, bit the bullet and ordered a Arched Black Widow motorcycle ramp from discount Ramps. once that gets here, then I'll be able to actually become mobile!!

Considering how to layout the truck still. will probably get some sheets of 1/2" plywood to lay down on the floor. trying to decide what the best way to secure the shelves on the wall is. they will have weight bearing to the floor, but dont want to worry about them falling over while taking a corner, so need to have them attached at least to a degree to the walls. considering running a frame of 2X4's around the box interior.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

a relaxing day

Spent a good many hours out collecting Apache Tears today, and taking it easy for the most part. Then did a run by a metal fabricator to talk about having a loading ramp made for the Bike, to the back of the truck.. unfortunately, the fabricator had gone home sick 20 minutes prior to my arrival.. my luck

will have to make some calls tomorrow and take the one I bought earlier back to the retailer, 70" just isnt long enough keep the bike from high centering on entry. gonna have to find a 9' or so I guess. Didnt wanna spend the 400$ for that.

have also been doing a bit of reading on batteries and recharging systems for the house batteries. have to make sure at the minimum I can recharge the phone, and would like to get a laptop to play dvd's on, and have net access when I'm near a hotspot.