Saturday, February 28, 2009

trying to find a vehicle has been a pain

I think a part of me isnt quite ready for this...

have been to a few auctions now, and still havent found what I'm looking for. I'm torn between a high top bus, or a shuttle type bus (picture an airport parking shuttle for 16 to 20 passenger) I just dont want to pay the going rate <grin> never thought I would turn into a cheap SoB..

Next weekend is the City of Phoenix auction, there may be something there. I also was approached today at the Pinal county Auction by a Gentleman that lives in Tucson and has a small Van/bus like I had been bidding on that he will sell me. Just need to make the time to run down and take a look.

I can feel it's time for me to be gone from my old life, mostly i'm just marking time and waiting. have some items packaged already to go in the vehicle when I find it.. I'm feeling awfully restless lately.

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