Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Nemo

just in case someone wonders, Why would I choose the name of NEMO.

it suits me..  

In latin, NEMO stands for "No one" or "No body"

in alot of ways, I have felt like that sums me up.. for years I have sought to fit in, to mold myself into something that would allow me to function in society and feel fulfilled..  so the name stands for the past.

As of NOW, the name also stands for the future, because I'm done trying to fit in to what others might see me as, or how others would label me.. I am ready to embrace my life and make of it what I will.   The Title of NEMO is one I will wear with Pride.  I am No one.. I am simply me, no expectations, no rules, no requirements to fit in..  When the time comes for me to travel, it will be with a lighter heart and open mind, to see and experience the world that I have dreamed of for so long..  The time is coming..


kate said...

hey! i look forward to following your story! have you ever read ishmael?

NEMO '09 said...

HI Kate, yes :) I have read quite a few books by Daniel Quinn :) Ishmael, The story of B, Tales of Adam, My Ishmael..

I embrace the message he brings in the books, and wish more people would understand it. :)